What is an Inventory?

The driver will usually inventory your shipment as it is loaded (although this is not required by law). When completed, the inventory provides a detailed, descriptive listing of your household goods and the condition of each item when received by the mover.

Remember, this inventory is for you to keep track of what is loaded and the condition of each item. If damage occurs on a particular piece during the loading process, get the inventory tag number on that item and make a note in the far right hand column on the line that corresponds with that piece. This is the document that will be scrutinized when the claims process is initiated so it is important to have the damage clearly noted.

This inventory should also be used at destination when your shipment is delivered. Use the inventory to verify articles upon delivery and again note an exception to the condition of the items as they are brought into your home. Point out any damage to the driver.

If damage to an item existed at the point of origin, it should have been noted on the inventory at the time of loading. If you are not sure if it the damage is new or existing, ask your driver to explain the condition of the piece as he noted on the inventory during the loading process.

The inventory is fundamentally a safeguard for both you and your mover; this is why it is required that both parties attest to the condition of items in writing as recorded on the inventory.